I'm sorry it's been so long without a post. I got distracted by Brexit. Before the referendum I did my first political campaigning. Handing out leaflets to strangers is more time consuming and less fun than you think. It cuts into your tight reviewing time. And after the referendum, I've been too busy arguing with people about what the vote means. But six weeks since the referendum I think I can return to my blog.

This review is of Next. A shop that confuses me almost as much as Cornwall voting to leave. Come the Boxing Day Sales, come the stories of people camping outside overnight to go to the Next sales. And so follows my confusion. The clothes at Next aren't incredibly good or amazingly expensive. Why do people value their comfort and time so little that they are willing to queue in the cold for so long? Yes, almost everything is on sale in the Next sale. Yes, they do generally have larger discounts than other retailers. But people should have more going on in their life than that. While I would never do it, I can understand the people who queue for once in a lifetime events. Or if I was saving hundreds of pounds maybe. But £40 off a dress? I don't think so. But I guess what I've learnt recently is that I struggle with the decisions of many people in this country.


These tights were bought for me by my mummy who is much more of a Next fan than I am.  And I think they were the body shaping range (thanks Mum!). But they were too tight, and started to roll up and slip down. Definitely not the body shape that I want.