Halfway through the Harry Potter series, a truth becomes so clear that it can no longer be overlooked. There would be no need for the adventures and the books if Harry just listened to Hermione. At each point she gives sensible advice, mainly along the lines of 'let's talk to the grown-ups', that would result in them not getting into unnecessary trouble that results in people getting hurt or killed. I fear that there may be a parallel with me, this blog and my friend Laura. Fortunately, the consequences of me not listening to Laura are just wearing uncomfortable tights rather than my godfather being killed. 

Laura is right about almost everything, and just like Harry and Hermoine, I owe her my life. Well, I owe her the fact that she once arranged for me to get out of Nepal when I got stuck there, but at the time it felt like she could do magic. When told about the blog, Laura pointed me in the direction of H&M. I was put off by the fact what she actually said was that they did good maternity tights and didn't listen to her. 


But as always Laura was right. H&M tights are very good. I got the 20 Denier (it is August after all) 4 Pack for £3.99. That actually makes them fractions of a penny cheaper than Walthamstow market. Think what I could spend that on. They fit really very well indeed. And actually stay in place nicely all day. No rolling down when you've been loafing a bit at your desk or after a big lunch. Only two problems with them. First there is no way of telling front from back, which as you know is important when you are wearing them often. Secondly, they did catch a bit. But that matters less when they cost less than a pound. Straight to the front of the queue.