Recently I've mainly been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, a programme about a 1930s Australian toff who investigates murders in between sleeping with gorgeous men.  The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher (yes, Phyrne is a brilliant name choice for anyone looking for one) wears fabulous clothes and hunts down backstreet abortionists. The books go into even more detail about her hiding birth control from customs officials. Very unlike Miss Marple. 

Phryne (I believe after 3 series in two weeks, we are on first name terms) has a assistant called Dot who is often seen mending Phryne's stockings. It's actually a bit of a feature in the books - Dot finds that it calms her down while Miss Fisher is out chasing white slave traders. Which leads me to the question: How do you mend stockings? Are these nylon stockings? Doesn't that take enormous care and a very fine needle (Phryne wouldn't put up with obvious patches near her silk underwear)? Or are these the equivalent of my thick opaque tights? I fear this blog may be distracting me from bigger picture issues. 

This week we have been wearing Burlington tights, as we are unintentionally in the expensive tight section of the blog. I'm not actually entirely clear whether Burlington is a brand or a pattern. That sort of confusion is not going to win me Tights blogger of the year. I'm going to have to up my game if I'm going to get anything to go in the trophy cabinet. Its made by Falke, the people who make posh socks, but everything under the Burlington brand has that argyle pattern. But it does have a completely separate section on the website. I'm going to go with a brand specialising in argyle that has been bought by Falke. 


The rule with luxury goods is always go really expensive. Brands that are entry-point luxury are never worth it - they don't have the high-quality ingredients and they haven't been hand-made. They are basically just a mark-up for a brand. Whereas, top of the range stuff is often made with much better stuff by much more skilled people, and often actually has a smaller profit margin than the cheaper stuff. I feel like this has happened with Burlington. At £18, its cheaper than Wolford and Heist, and boy is that clear. Nowhere near the quality or fit of the other two. So if you're into expensive tights, just pay a little bit more. 

I can however, wholeheartedly recommend Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. It may be the most feminist programme I have watched in a long time.