John Lewis

When I was a kid, my birthday treat was a Chicken Tikka Masala takeaway from Marks and Spencers. I really liked it, and was only allowed the decadence of paying for a ready meal on special occasions. These days, that's quite a boring everyday dinner for me. I still really like it, but its nothing to get excited about, and certainly not a treat.  I have just had a haircut that cost £58. I regard that as quite a reasonable price to pay for a haircut, but if I was to tell my mum that, she would suck her teeth. My life is quite far away from what it was as a kid. 

I think my mum knows that I regularly shop in Waitrose, although we don't talk about it. It's a don't ask, don't tell situation. Today in Waitrose I thought about buying the 'Essential' Chocolate Eclairs. The least essential item anyone has ever come across. In fairness to Waitrose, actually a lot of its standard items are cheap. In fact, when in Morrison's with my mum, I often walk around saying 'that's cheaper in Waitrose. So's that.' while she restrains herself from hitting me. These John Lewis tights, actually bought in Waitrose, are cheap. Not Walthamstow Market cheap, but nowhere near only-buy-on-your-birthday-expensive. 


An alright pair of tights. A little baggy, no way of telling front from back, but fairly comfortable. £8.50 for three pairs is good value. I expect better from John Lewis, but I'm not entirely sure how.