Here we are then. With the queen of tights. I wasn't expecting to get here so soon. Over the years, as I have sought a good quality pair of tights, I have seen Wolford, gone as far as to pick up a packet, but no further. Never would it occur to me to spend £25 on a pair of tights. But then, getting into the tights, I read a review of Wolford on John Lewis's site. The review said that these tights are expensive but last decades. DECADES. What lasts decades? 

We do have some mugs in the cupboard that are more than a decade old. They are pretty badly chipped and stained, and if I was less of a cheapskate we wouldn't have them. I only recently got rid of a top that I was given when I was seventeen, but anyone who saw me in it lately knows I should have got rid of it earlier. I have a handbag of my gran's which might even be 50 years old, but it has only lasted because it hasn't been used. My actual handbag is showing signs of serious wear after a year. So I am so intrigued by these tights where reviewers say they can last decades. If they can, then the cost benefit analysis is pretty clear. You'd need to spend £250 to have enough tights for the decade. I easily spend more than that in a ten year period. So if they are the perfect pair of tights after all, then no question. 

£25 is the entry price for Wolford tights by the way. They sell tights for £145 (which doesn't stack up on a cost benefit analysis). The tights I go for are the Velvet de Luxe 50. 

Interestingly, unlike most tights, the washing instructions don't specify handwashing. Which then opens up a possible future world for me where I never have to buy tights again, and I can put them in the washing machine without any guilt. 


So very close. There is an obvious huge increase in quality compared to the normal tights. They are just off the scale in terms of quality. This is a highly comfortable pair, you can see why it is called Velvet de Luxe. They also feel very sturdy, there is a part of me that believes that they could last for decades. They have all the other hallmarks of good tights, no ridiculous seam, a label. The problem is fit. Just slightly too short. Like a centimetre or so, and then it would be perfect. They don't roll or travel down, they are just slightly in the wrong place.