You can probably imagine that I have complained many a time about my tights. Never however, has my significant other decided to go into the tights business in order to bring me the tights I deserve. 

If only I was married to Edzard van der Wyck, who went into the tights business when he realised that his wife didn't much like her tights. According to the story, related here, his wife wasn't even really complaining about the tights. He had to really push her to get her to discuss all the things she didn't like. I don't really understand this. Ever since I've been doing this blog (a whole month now), people have been telling me their tales of things they don't like in their tights. Gussets (obviously), tights that get a hole in the toe because of flat feet, seams in general, laddering, and of course, the question about how to wash them.* I think Edzard van der Wyck and I would get on. He apparently did a lot of testing with 67 women (oh! To have been one of them) to see what they really wanted from tights. Turns out it's obvious. They want high quality, no seam tights, with different waistbands. Yes! You can choose the waistband--high, for those of us who want more support around our stomachs, and low for those crazy people who want a pair of tights resting on their hips. Why has no-one thought of this before? WHAT HAS BEEN WRONG WITH TIGHT MAKERS? WHAT HAVE THEY BEEN DOING? 


These are good, good tights. Like really good. No, better than that. They come in a little black box, with not a bit of cellophane in sight. Already from the packaging they are much classier than any other pair. And they fit perfectly. All day they are in the perfect position. No sagging or rolling down or anything. They do cost £22 though. But unlike Wolford, we have no idea about whether they are long-lasting pairs of tights. There are no enthusiastic reviews saying that they last decades. Heist has only been going for a matter of months. They feel good quality though--on a par with Wolford, so if Wolford's can last years, I suspect that Heist's might do too. It's a big bet though. On effectiveness they are great, but on cost effectiveness not so good. I do reserve the right to move them up the league the longer they last. 

*Caitlin Moran thinks you should wash them in the shower when you are washing your hair. There's something icky about that to my mind.