Now that I'm a semi-professional tights blogger, I've been getting recommendations about where to buy my tights from. Topshop's recommendation comes from Caitlin, who works in TV, and is therefore much more fabulous than me. Caitlin's also much taller than me, and thinks that tall women are badly served by the tights market. The Oxford Circus branch of Topshop is a frightening place with its hair bars and cupcake merchants and pocket-monied teenagers trying on outfits in the middle of the store. The high from the sugar in the cupcakes forces people to spend money, making this shop one of the most profitable in the country. 

I would also say its one of the dustiest in the country. The shop could do with a robot hoover (my other obsession) zooming around picking up the dirt. The black tights on display were a bit dusty, putting me off them, so instead I bought an orange pair. I think orange tights are the sort of thing women on television wear. I also pick up a fleecier pair. 


Both pairs are a good fit. Both pairs fail the ability to tell front from back. The fleecier pair get a bit baggy around the ankles throughout the day as they don't have the elastic. The orange pair hold up quite nicely throughout the day, and was pretty comfortable, and didn't roll down at all . They were a very good pair of tights. They were quite expensive at £6 for a pair, but a very good pair of tights. Just showing you should always believe what people on TV tell you. But also people on TV are probably paid more than me.