Now that it's gone live, I've had a few comments about my blog. Mainly that comment is 'Don't you have enough to do.' Obviously, yes - NCIS doesn't watch itself - but nothing as important as sharing my quest for a perfect pair of tights. Men don't seem to understand the quest. 'This is not what I thought you were going to write about.' They seem to think that I should be blogging about 'more important things' like housing policy or pensions. Some people think the quest is impossible: like period pains and childbirth, ill-fitting tights are just something we women are punished with. I don't believe that. People thought that there was no way to tell longitude, or that anaesthesia couldn't be used in childbirth. A fair amount of medical research money is currently going into trying to cure period pain. And I will find some tights that fit. Probably I will win some major prize for my efforts. 

I'm also getting more suggestions for places to try for tights. Nobody suggested Tezenis, the italian underwear store. I bought these on a whim while walking past the Oxford Circus store. Turns out they are owned by the same people who own Calzedonia, who are currently languishing at the bottom of the league. 


One of my colleagues asks me at lunchtime what tights I'm wearing and how they are doing. She gives my muffin top a quick feel, and shrinks at the result. 'No. That's exactly what you don't want, they are too tight at exactly the wrong point.' Her swift diagnosis is true. 

They also fall down on the criteria of being able to tell front from back, as they have no way to mark them. But at £6 for 2, they do better on cost, and are fine in terms of comfort. So Tezenis joins Calzedonia at the bottom of the league. 


My favourite bit of feedback on the blog: 'This is a concept with real legs.'