In November, my colleagues and I went on a trip to Slough Sewage Works. This was highly educational, for example there's a massive shed where they basically spray the sewage with Febreze to stop the nearby dual carriageway smelling too much. There is also a mesmerising bubbling mass of sewage, that is so dense its impossible to swim in, and would kill you instantly if you fell in. For some reason, the walkway over this isn't a solid steel structure, but one of those holey, grate type metal walkways. Also flushable wet wipes should be banned. They block the sewers. Why can companies advertise them as being flushable when Thames Water says they aren't? 

On the way back, we stop off at Slough's massive Tesco to get some snacks for the journey back. I take the opportunity to buy some tights, as I live in the only area of the country that doesn't have a massive Tesco. My mum is a big fan of Florence and Fred and has a lot of nice clothes from them. At these prices, it is easy to see why.


At £4 for 3 tights, these are almost as cheap as Walthamstow market. They are very soft tights, and the waistband isn't too tight. But they are too big. I can almost cover my boobs with them. Over the course of the day, that scuttles down to be bagginess around the knees and ankles. It feels like there isn't enough elastic in them.