Marks and Spencer

I speak to a lot of journalists in my day job, and I count a lot as friends. My all time favourite encounter with a journalist was a Guardian journalist who stopped me to ask me about my knicker buying habits. This led to the only time my name in print has been followed by my age. It made me feel all tabloid. 

I buy my underwear in Marks and Spencer. I find it reliable, uncomplicated and the shops are everywhere. I used to buy all my tights at Marks and Spencer too, so in a way they are responsible for The Tight Quest. However, I still hold hopes for Marks and Spencer. They sell a lot of different types of tights, so maybe there are some tights there that suit me. These are the BodySensor Tights - they keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm.


Cost-wise, these do well at £8 for 3. They are a good fit, stay up nicely without the waistband rolling, and have a good gusset. They also have a little label so I can tell which way the front is. Overall the sort of good quality tight that reminds me why M&S has been my favourite underwear store for so long. But still with the possibility that there might be a better tight somewhere.