For most of my childhood my Dad owned shares in Debenhams, and therefore encouraged us to shop there whenever we could. He made a lot of money out of his Debenhams shares, although possibly much of that was a transfer of wealth from my pocket money to his savings. I therefore have this intense nostalgic feeling towards Debenhams, a constant desire for it to do well.

When I go to the tights section, I realise that I'm not in Debenhams target market for tights. Apparently its target market is a large woman wearing navy tights, as that's all they seem to sell. I don't know anyone who wears navy tights who isn't in school. Maybe Debenhams' current shareholders are also forcing their daughters to spend all their pocket money there on tights. If that's its main strategy, it might explain why the share price has not performed well. It took me a long time to find a small, black pair of tights. That also might explain the poor share price performance. 

I've gone for the Soft and Smooth 3D tights (as opposed to tights that are in two dimensions?). Not out of choice, but because they were the only small, black pair I could find. They have a comfort waist band. 


At 2 for £7, they are a mid-range cost pair. They do what they say on the tin, they are very soft and smooth, and the waist band is very comfortable. They have a nice silky feel to them and fit very well. They could do with slightly more elastic though. I'm going to mark them down though for being so hard to find among the navy tights. It gave me flashbacks.