My colleague Cecilie is Danish, and therefore better looking, more feminist, and a fan of more socialist policies than I am. I also believe that all Scandis only like high-quality products. When my Swedish friend comes over to London he makes me go to a shelf shop in Marylebone where the shelves cost a minumum of £2,000. £2,000 to put some books on. According to him no serious Swedish person would go to Ikea. 

When Cecilie found out about The Tight Quest she told me that she had the answer. She bought all of her tights from Calzedonia. Cecilie likes to wear a colourful opaque tight - often it's a burnt umber shade. Calzedonia is mainly known for advertising its tights at Oxford Circus with women hugging their breasts, so that a trip up the escalator resembles being trapped in a men's magazine from the 80s. I would have thought that Cecilie would have objected to a shop that advertised like that, but I can forgive her if she has abandoned all her principles for the perfect tights. 


I thought these would score pretty highly. At £6 a pair they are at the top of the range, and they came highly, highly recommended by a Scandinavian. However, a huge disappointment. They are strangely difficult to put on. Partly because they have structured feet. The waist band is also scratchy and the waistband rolls down. 

In her defence, Cecilie (who is taller than me, but not a lot taller) says that she normally buys the large size. But I'm 5ft 2 and not horrifically obese, so I'm not buying a large size. 

The search continues.