Walthamstow Market

A couple of weeks before her annual review was due, my colleague Rosie brought a bag full of tights to our line management meeting. She had gone to Walthamstow Market and bought me eight pairs of tights to try. It's unclear whether Rosie thinks I'm a more colourful dresser than I am, or if she is giving me a hint, but none of these tights fit the Black criteria. Some of them (perhaps intentionally) match my company's branding, some of them are a black and green pattern that matches nothing. One of them is a 'brown glass like' pair that could well have been on the stall when I last went to Walthamstow Market aged 10. As there are seven working days before Christmas when she gives me the tights, I accept the challenge and wear a pair each day (but not the brown glass pair - I'm never wearing those). 

This means planning my work outfits a lot more than I usually do. I recently found out that most of my colleagues plan what they wear to work before they go to bed, but I normally just wear whatever comes to mind. The colours of the tights also present a challenge to my highly patterned dresses. I have nothing that goes with the black and green, or the psychedelic red, or the neon yellow - so have to match them with black. The purple pairs go very well with my normal outfits and end up fitting in nicely to my work wardrobe becoming an almost staple. There are some brighter pinks and oranges that I could almost get away with on a normal day, but haven't yet tried to. 


These are the cheapest tights tried so far at £8 for 8 with the offer from the market stall to bring them back 'if your boss doesn't like them'. That's good value and good customer service. On comfort and elasticity they perform very well. They fit well, and there is no waist band rolling down, which is good as I don't need any more attention being drawn to myself. They are unfortunately slightly baggy around the ankles. Normally I don't mark my tights for their second or third fitting, because I'm not the kind of person who separately washes each pair of tights. Once it's in the wash basket, it could be any pair of tights. But neon yellow tights are easily spotted and therefore I know that they get more baggy after being washed. 

PS. Rosie passed her review with flying colours. And particular praise for her upward management skills.