Pretty Polly

Tights are an important part of an outfit. They can make or break a line. When you have a big day, talking at a conference, or an important meeting, you need to be wearing your best tights. Unfortunately, of course, that now depends on how many crucial meetings I have in a week. One or two and I can wear my Heist tights. Any more than that, and its pot luck. My tights drawer is filled with specimens of variable quality. The other day I had a big meeting, and was wearing chafing tights. Probably why the meeting didn't go that well. 

My friend Iggy likes Pretty Polly because it has a pink tag which is easily spotted when you are going to be presenting at a conference. She thinks they Pretty Polly are good, and that plus the pink tags makes them a reliable Big Day pair. It is weird that more tight manufacturers have not caught onto the fact that you need to be able to identify their tights after you take them out of the packaging. I presume this is because they want them to be a one time only thing. The poor quality of tights really is a scandal. But hopefully this blog is a step on the way to fixing this pressing need. 


Iggy is right about most things but I don't think she is right about Pretty Polly. They are an alright pair of tights, but I don't think they are great. They do a good job of staying up, and have a good fit, but they are not as soft and comfortable as others.  Also, importantly, they don't last well once they have been washed (or at least this pair which was a Heat Cooling Pair don't). These were another great TK Maxx buy, for £3.99 but normally retailing at £10. Even at £3.99, I'm not sure about them. I will however, give them extra marks for being made in Derbyshire. All good things come from the Midlands after all.