Wolford, Heist and Calvin Klein: Update

I went a bit quiet for a while. After buying a lot of tights to work out which is the best, I ended up with an overflowing drawer of tights. Him Indoors has repeatedly accused me of trying to make him homeless by filling the flat with so many tights that he can't get in. So I had to take a bit of a breather from buying more tights. But this has allowed me to see how some of the more expensive tights progress after several wearings. Not unrelated to the Pretty Polly post, for a large number of the tights, I'm not sure if they last, because they don't have a clear label on them. I know I'm not the only person who has a mixture of cheap and expensive tights, so I have to wonder what the manufacturers are thinking of here. 


Ten years said the reviewers on the John Lewis website. Not even true if she meant it in Mercury Years. A little bit of catching, but not to the extent of ladders or holes. What is much worse is that something seems to have happened to the elasticity. The slight problem with the fit has turned into a major problem, as the top of the tights rolls down regularly, turning me into a human egg timer. These tights did also say that they could be machine washed, so there can be no accusations that I washed them inappropriately either. 

This is making them slide down the table from 6th to 19th.


Climbing up the table is Heist, our new breakthough tights. Everytime I put them on I feel like I am about to rip the bit where the waistband is connected to the legs, but I don't. And they remain as good as new. No ladders, catches, holes or anything. They also seem to be very happy with being machine washed. I do, however, have to take exception to the reviewer I saw who said they were a great gift for Valentine's day. I'm more interested in tights than most, and I would not be pleased with these as a Valentine's day gift. 

Moving these up from 11th to 5th. 

Calvin Klein

I bought some more Calvin Klein tights, which were in a two-pack and a little bit cheaper than the original one I reviewed, but a lot worse. And the original one has not worn very well. Not as bad as Wolford, but its become a little bit baggier. Though I will admit I haven't been as religious about good washing practices with Calvin Klein as I was with Heist and Wolford (that's the difference between paying £25 and paying £6). 

I think I'm going to move these down from 3rd to 6th.