Calvin Klein

For me, Calvin Klein will always be the scene in Back to the Future where Lorraine assumes that Marty is called Calvin because Calvin is written on his underpants. Every time I put my tights on, I hope that one of the crazy older people I know will send me back in time to the point where my parents met. This would be alright, an enjoyable escapade, but the real excitement would be when the time travelling steam train arrived. Though for some reason no film would be made that heavily involves the time travelling train. 

Because something in my soul rejects the idea of wearing Calvin Klein underpants, tights are my only hope of this happening. I'm pretty certain I know which of my friends is experimenting with time travel though. Fortunately, when this happens I will be very comfortable. Calvin Klein tights are really good. So good, that this came up at my book group recently and the women all agreed and all the men were confused. Calvin Klein is on the waistband of the tights, so that anyone from the 50s will think I'm called Calvin. One day this is going to happen for me. I'm sure of it. 


I bought these at TK Maxx where they were £5.99 a pair, down from £13. These are good for £13 and very cheap at slightly less than half the price. A really good fit, and properly soft. Plus I think I have recently underplayed the importance of labelling. If you have a good pair of tights, you need to know which one it is.