Debenhams - Jasper Conran

The British have a strange relationship with Health and Safety. Perhaps its because we live in a country where the environment isn't trying to kill us. In London building regs are the stupid bureaucracy that holds up your kitchen extension, in San Francisco its the thing that stops your apartment block collapsing in an earthquake. There have been many health and safety disasters in the UK: many of the big events of my childhood were health and safety disasters--the Zeebrugge Ferry disaster, the Kings Cross Fire and Hillsborough are some of my earliest memories. It must be one of the great successes of public policy that there hasn't been a big health and safety accident in ten years--and in that one take took place in 2005, Buncefield, no-one died. But is this celebrated? Is anyone pleased about the work of the HSE? A very definite no. It is one of the things that people resent the EU for, as if not being burnt alive really quashes our freedom. Someone I know, vaguely, voted to leave the EU because of all the red tape around health and safety. That for her was worth the economic risk. Even more inexplicable, three members of her family had died from Mesothelioma. You would have thought that she would want a tightening of regulations about the use of Asbestos, but instead she saw that as a impingement on her life.

It's not hypocritical that I recognise this attitude is madness, but also have it myself. Cognitive dissonance is necessary to operate in the world. The signs at St Pancras station telling people to hold the handrail when going up the escalator make me mad. The anger has now turned to sheepishness and embarrassment after I went sprawling on the escalator. With both hands firmly in my pockets. So with nothing to break my fall, there was nothing to stop my nice Jasper Conran tights being ripped. If only I had a more sensible attitude to health and safety advice. 


Annoyingly, as I have ruined them on the second wear, the Jasper Conran tights are really good. They fit slightly better than the other Debenhams tights, and are nice and soft. They have a wide wasteband (nice) with Jasper Conran written all over them (weird). A very nice toe. They do cost £8.50 though.