Men patronise me a lot. Possibly people look at me and think 'Here's a woman who can't even find a pair of tights that fits her properly, I assume she knows nothing'. But then considering how they are dressed, I think that perhaps they just see a young woman who needs putting in her place. A trainer recently started off a training session by putting me down. You just wonder if the urge to be a twat was so overwhelming that he didn't even realise that was such a bad move. Or if he was just so used to putting women down, he didn't even realise he was doing it. 

I'm sure there's an inverse link between being successful and being patronising. The failed journalist mansplains his way to self-confidence. The FTSE 100 CEO doesn't need to put women down to have a sense of worth. Stefano Passina was the first billionaire I ever met, and maybe the nicest. I came back from my breakfast with him so happy about how interested he was in me. Especially as I really knew nothing, and he would have been well within his rights to sideline me. I therefore always have had a bit of a thing from Boots. Even though I don't really approve of him buying Boots in a MBO and then selling it to Walgreen, I still like Boots. I like everything about it--the store card, the promise of beauty and the hope of good health. I want it to be the place of great tights.


Unfortunately, they are not great. They are not even good. The legs are too long and the waistband too tight, leading to saggy ankles and a lifebelt style look around the stomach. They do have a little label but it doesn't make up for the much bigger problem.