Photo by nyvltart/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by nyvltart/iStock / Getty Images

I wear dresses to work almost every day and dislike being cold. I therefore wear black opaque tights ten months out of twelve (the other two I spend complaining that the air conditioning isn't working). I find myself aged 34, in a proper job, spending far too much time trying to adjust my tights without anyone seeing. I'm too old to fly Ryanair and I'm too old to be wearing tights that don't fit. So I started this quest to find the perfect tights.

The criteria is:

  • Cost. Obviously there's a cost benefit analysis equation going on here, so if there's a pair of tights that is so much better than the rest, but costs more it will win. But essentially, tights are not known for lasting a long time. I'm not going to spend a lot of money on a semi-disposal product.
  • Elasticity. I'm 5ft 2ish with most of my weight around my hips and my tummy. I'm expecting my tights to do a lot of work. But too elastic, and they end up rolling down and making me look like I'm two sausages. 
  • Fit. No bagginess please.
  • Comfort.
  • Ability to tell front from back. I normally get dressed in the dark, so this can't be a small line hidden in the waistband.

If you've got a favourite pair of tights for me to try email me on